The Cost of Groundwater Management

As an unfunded California law, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requires better management and balance of groundwater supplies in a groundwater subbasin through the creation of local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) with extensive powers to manage groundwater. An assessment is necessary to cover the costs to follow the requirements of the new State law.  Based on the Agency’s needs, the North Fork Kings GSA Board of Directors is requesting landowner approval to levy assessments to generate sufficient revenue to fund both annual Agency operation costs and expenses associated with the development and implementation of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan. However, the assessment will only be imposed after approval by the voters.

Failure Comes at a Greater Cost

The proposed fee must be supported by landowners within the North Fork Kings GSA territory. If not, compliance with the new law will still happen but at a higher cost. The State will impose a fee structure on groundwater pumpers many times more costly than what is proposed by North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

2018 State Fee Structure

Engineer's Report

At the January 10, 2018 Board meeting, the Directors of the North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency approved the Engineer’s Report to conduct a Proposition 218 Election. The Engineer’s Report is prepared in accordance with State law to describe an equitable distribution of the benefit assessments to be derived by each parcel within the Agency upon which such assessments will be levied. The Engineer’s Report discusses benefits of the Agency’s organization, proposed actions, and services provided by the North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

Engineer's Report Documents

Proposed 5-Year Assessment Schedule

The Agency is requesting landowner approval to levy assessments up to the maximum amount shown in the table below, specifically $10.00/acre for all parcels. The components that make up the total are shown in the table below (click to enlarge) and are explained further in the Engineer’s Report. Note that the assessment amount levied by the Agency may vary from year to year, but will not exceed the maximum amount unless an increase is approved through a subsequent Proposition 218 proceeding. The necessary funding for the Agency will be reviewed annually by the Board and, depending on the funds projected to be needed for the year, may be approved up to the maximum ($10.00 per acre) assessment rate.

Schedule for the Proposition 218 Election Process

Jan. 10 Board approved Engineer’s Report, set Public Hearing
Jan/Feb Conduct public outreach and education
March Prepare and mail ballots
May 9 Public Hearing, tabulate received ballots and certify election

Landowner Workshop Assessment Presentation

Public Hearing

May 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm

Riverdale Memorial Hall 3085 W. Whitney Ave,  Riverdale, CA 93656

For More Information

E-mail or call (559) 242-6118 or (559) 554-4123.

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