Subbasin Coordination 

CA DWR outlines the three options for developing and implementing GSP’s in a subbasin. According to the law, a GSP may:

  1. Be a single GSP developed and implemented by one GSA covering the entire subbasin
  2. Be a single GSP developed and implemented by multiple GSA’s covering the entire subbasin
  3. Be multiple GSP’s developed and implemented by multiple GSA’s under a formal coordination agreement covering the entire subbasin

The North Fork Kings GSA is one of seven GSA’s within the Kings Subbasin. The GSA’s are moving forward with option 3, and as such will be entering a formal coordination agreement to achieve subbasin alignment towards sustainability.

Kings Subbasin GSA's

The seven GSA’s of the Kings Subbasin must enter a coordination agreement to align their individual GSP’s. A coordination agreement includes a description of a single point of contact for the basin, establishes procedures for resolving conflict, ensures multiple GSA’s use the same data and methodologies for assumptions in the GSP’s, and describes a coordinated data management system.



Kings Subbasin GSA’s

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James ID GSA

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South Kings GSA

Central Kings GSA

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