Prop 218 Assessment Ballots Mailed

Ballots have been mailed for the Proposition 218 Assessment. An assessment is necessary to generate sufficient revenue to fund local implementation of the unfunded State law, the Groundwater Sustainability Management Act (SGMA) and will be used to cover North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) costs and expenses associated with the development and implementation of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan.  The proposed maximum annual assessment is $10.00. It is up to the Board to set the annual assessment rate, and the Board may choose to set the annual rate lower than the maximum $10.00 rate proposed.

It is important that the North Fork Kings GSA has adequate funding to keep implementation of SGMA at the local level. Without the necessary funding to fulfill the requirements of the State law, the CA Department of Water Resources and Water Resources Control Board will step in as a backstop to implement the law. State-developed sustainability plans will differ from locally developed plans in cost, detail, and approach to sustainability. This includes but is not limited to: costly fees, higher frequency monitoring and reporting, and pumping restrictions.  State intervention would be many times more costly than what is proposed by the North Fork Kings GSA.

To access resources and additional information on the assessment and its purpose, visit our Prop 218 Groundwater Assessment page.

Ballots must be received prior to the close of the Public Hearing scheduled for 5:30 pm on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, or they will not be counted.

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