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Kings Subbasin Coordination

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Coordination

A draft coordination agreement is available for public review and comment:

Kings Coordination Agreement (draft)

The Kings Subbasin GSAs will enter a formal coordination agreement to achieve subbasin alignment toward sustainability.

A coordination agreement includes: 

  • a description of a single point of contact for the basin
  • establishes procedures for resolving conflict
  • ensures multiple GSAs use the same data and methodologies for assumptions in the GSPs
  • describes a coordinated management system

The CA Department of Water Resources outlines the three options for developing and implementing Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) in a subbasin. According to the law, a GSP may:

  1. Be a single GSP developed and implemented by one GSA covering the entire subbasin OR
  2. Be a single GSP developed and implemented by multiple GSAs covering the entire subbasin OR
  3. Be multiple GSPs developed and implemented by multiple GSAs under a formal coordination agreement covering the entire subbasin

The Kings Subbasin GSAs are moving forward with option 3. The seven GSAs in the Subbasin will submit individual Groundwater Sustainability Plans along with a formal coordination agreement. 

Kings Subbasin Overdraft Responsibility

The seven Kings Subbasin agencies have agreed upon an initial overdraft amount for the Kings Subbasin of 122,000 acre feet (AF). The table below (click to enlarge) shows the agreed upon initial target overdraft amount for each GSA.

The North Fork Kings GSA is responsible for 50,300 AF of the total subbasin amount. The GSA will work to correct the target overdraft amoutn by the SGMA sustainability deadline of 2040.

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