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Landowner Well Registration Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the Early Access Group for well registration.

Well registration will take place on a new software platform called Watermark. Watermark will first undergo a pilot launch with the Early Access Group and North Fork Kings Board and Committee members.

Information to activate your Watermark account will be sent to you directly by email in November.

Sign up for Early Access

Please fill out the form below to join with other landowners:

About Watermark

Watermark is an online SGMA tool for growers and residents in the North Fork Kings GSA. Watermark as a well registration tool is only the first step in a long-term vision for the platform. The tool will be developed over time to include water accounting capabilities once groundwater allocations are in place.

For now, landowners can use Watermark to begin tracking their monthly water use by accessing parcel-level ET data. Understanding water use is the first step to being able to plan for water allocations in the future.

Why Well Registration?

Over the next several months, the North Fork Kings GSA will conduct a groundwater aquifer study to better understand land subsidence and groundwater flows. This study is required by the State and must be completed by fall 2024. Landowner participation in well registration is a key part of the study’s completion and success in maintaining local control over groundwater management.

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