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Well Registration Deadline Set by Board: Register Your Wells with North Fork Kings GSA’s Well Registration Program Before October 1 to Avoid Fees

In January 2024, the North Fork Kings GSA fully launched a Well Registration Program for well owners using the online tool Watermark. Starting July 1, 2024, well registration will be required for all domestic and agricultural wells within the North Fork Kings GSA boundary. Registering a well(s) will be free until September 30. After October 1, an initial registration fee of $100 per well will be charged. The board will consider an escalating fee scale in 2025.

Landowners who register their wells before the deadline will be first in line for future grant opportunities to fund the installation of meters. North Fork Kings GSA is pursuing grants to offer to those who want to install meters to track their groundwater under a future allocation program.

Registration is also a prerequisite to receive any financial assistance for domestic drinking water wells impacted by groundwater level declines under the new Domestic Well Mitigation program, set to launch October 1.

Landowners have been encouraged to take prompt action and participate in well registration to keep local control of groundwater management. Up until July, the program has been voluntary for landowners, starting with an early launch in November 2023, followed by a complete launch to all landowners in January.

Throughout the launching process, the North Fork Kings GSA has provided direct support to landowners at customer support workshops held in February and March and through one-on-one virtual appointments in an effort to help landowners activate their Watermark accounts and register their wells. The agency will continue to provide this support to its landowners through its Watermark support team. 

As of June 2024, 493 wells have been registered, and over 50% of North Fork Kings GSA’s total acreage has been enrolled in the Well Registration Program on Watermark. The Board of Directors determined at the June 26th Board Meeting that well registration must be mandatory to ensure enough participation to complete required groundwater studies.  

The Well Registration Program is closely linked to a state-mandated groundwater study focused on the confined aquifer. This study will allow North Fork Kings GSA to better understand land subsidence and groundwater flows.  The groundwater study must be completed by the fall of this year ahead of the 2025 Groundwater Sustainability Plan update and submittal to the State.

The North Fork Kings GSA strongly encourages well owners to register both agricultural and domestic (private drinking water) wells to avoid fees in October.

To register your wells today and find more information, visit For further assistance, landowners can contact the GSA at (559) 632-7032 or contact the Watermark support team by email at or submit a Freshdesk support ticket within Watermark.

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