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Well Permit Form

In March 2022, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-7-22. This Executive Order prohibits a local permitting agency, typically a county, from approving a permit for a new groundwater well or alternations to an existing well without first (1) receiving written verification from a GSA that the proposed well will be consistent with that GSA’s GSP; and (2) determining the proposed well will not interfere with existing nearby wells and cause subsidence that would damage nearby infrastructure.

Following the Governor’s issuance of the Executive Order, the NFKGSA Board has worked with Fresno and Kings counties to create a coordinated review process for well permit applications. Below is a brief overview of the well permit process that a well driller can expect when drilling a well within the North Fork Kings GSA service area. Please note the importance of Step 4 regarding reviewing all 9 items on the form with the landowner prior to landowner signature.

NFKGSA/County Well Permit Process Steps

  1. Driller will start a permit with the county.
  2. Driller will download the Well Permit Acknowledgement Form here.
  3. To complete item 1 on the Acknowledgement Form regarding Minimum Thresholds, driller will contact NFKGSA staff member James Reynolds at 559.242.6118 or email
  4. Driller will review all 9 items on the Acknowledgement Form with landowner prior to acquiring landowner’s signature on form.
  5. Driller sends signed Acknowledgement Form to NFKGSA staff member James Reynolds.
  6. Upon review, NFKGSA signs off on the well permit application and sends to county.
  7. County processes well permit and notifies driller of well permit status.
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