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Rural Community Advisory Committee Applications Available

The NFKGSA Board is requesting applications for those who would like to serve on the Rural Community Advisory Committee (RCAC). The purpose of the Committee is to represent the interests of rural communities. The Committee will assist the Board in providing input, information, and recommendations regarding the sustainable management of groundwater in the North Fork Kings GSA area.

The committee members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and shall include, but not be limited to, representatives of domestic well owners, municipal well operators, local land use planning agencies, residents served by a public water system that serves 200 or more connections, residents served by a small community water system, residents served by a public water system that serves fewer than 200 connections, and environmental justice organizations or community benefit organizations with demonstrated experience working with disadvantaged communities and with expertise in drinking water, groundwater, or land use.

For more information go to NFKGSA Rural Community Advisory Committee webpage.



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