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DWR will fund and install new monitoring well to support groundwater data collection

A new monitoring well will be funded and installed by the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) under their SGMA Technical Support Services program. The well will include four completion depths that allow data collection at varying levels of groundwater depth between clay layers.

A data-driven approach to groundwater management is required under SGMA, and the monitoring well network is a key groundwater data gathering tool. Data gathered from the network is used to establish and track sustainability goals and can help measure impacts of future projects and management actions on groundwater levels.

Expanding the monitoring network to include more wells is a priority to fill existing groundwater data gaps. The addition of a dedicated monitoring well from DWR will help achieve more data collection to fill the gaps, and the North Fork Kings GSA will continue to expand its network to adequately assess sustainability progress within the service area.

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