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2024 Groundwater Recharge Project Registration Form Now Available for Landowners

The North Fork Kings GSA has updated their recharge project registration form for landowner-driven recharge operations in 2024. The 2024 form is now available online here.

Landowners who submitted forms in 2023 will need to submit again under the 2024 recharge project registration form to receive credit for any 2024 recharge.

The recharge project registration form benefits landowners within the North Fork Kings GSA who conduct intentional groundwater recharge using surface water in 2024 and wish to seek future groundwater extraction credits. Being aware of the recharge projects allows the North Fork Kings GSA to give proper credit to stakeholders performing recharge once policies governing groundwater credits are in place. While the GSA cannot issue recharge credits at this time, it will track the amount of water recharged using this form. The GSA will work with the appropriate surface water provider to determine the amount of recharge credit to be provided based on the recharge policy of the surface water provider.

The North Fork Kings GSA will use the registration form to recognize the efforts of landowners in recharging the groundwater. The GSA gives landowners freedom to operate their own groundwater recharge project operations in collaboration with their surface water provider. Landowners are encouraged to reach out to their irrigation district managers about maximizing surface water deliveries for groundwater recharge projects.

Beyond landowner credits, recharge project registration helps quantify the current capacity available for groundwater recharge within the North Fork Kings GSA to help the agency assess progress toward sustainability goals.

Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), the North Fork Kings GSA is working to address groundwater overdraft and stabilize groundwater levels. A key component of achieving sustainability, while striving for continued viability of irrigated agriculture in the area, is to increase the use of available surface water as groundwater use is reduced. One way to increase the water supply is by capturing excess surface water when available and storing it underground through active recharge projects.

The North Fork Kings GSA thanks every landowner playing an active role by conducting recharge activities. Privately operated recharge projects help the GSA maintain local control over sustainability goals, while replenishing the aquifer.

Stakeholders can access the registration form on the website here, and should email the completed form to For questions on 2024 recharge projects, call the GSA at (559) 632-7032.


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